Why a Projector is better than a big TV

Whats better a Projector or a TV, projector compared to TV

Everyone likes to have a big TV, but getting a TV bigger than 65 inches becomes very expensive and the question arises, 'is it better to have a projector or TV'. A Projector becomes more practical than TV when you want screen sizes bigger than 65 inches.

You can get a good projector for about half the price of a big TV bigger than 65 inch. Projectors are small and can be hidden away in a cupbard when not in use or if you prefer, have it permanantly set up on the cieling, etc as explained further down.

Why Projector better than big TV

The advantages of projectors compared to a big TV are that it is cheaper and that you can see a much bigger picture. For the price of a TV bigger than 65 inch TV, you can get a very good projector. The disadvantages of a projector are that it requires some planning on where and how to install the projector and the worry whether you are making the right decision in buying a projector.

To make the decision to buy a projector requires some guts and the conviction that a projector is the better option than a bigger TV. We hope that this website guide to projectors will help you make that decision. I made the decision to go the projector way about 10 years ago and have never regretted it even for one day. Many of my friends converted to projectors after seeing my projector setup.

There are mainly three different kinds of projectors for home use: LCD, DLP and LCoS. Other differences between projectors are the number of the Light processing chips in the projector – whether it is one or three; and the type of light source: metal halide lamps with about 5000 hours life or LED Lamps with 20,000 plus hours of service or Laser lamps with again 20,000 plus hours of service or Hybrid projectors, usually a combination of LED and Laser light sources.

All of these types of Projectors are discussed on separate pages: LCD Projector, DLP Projector and LCoS Projector and Light sources for projectors.

Projectors require a screen for the projector picture to be projected on to. My experience with Projector Screens over these 10 years of using a projector is that screens are good but painting a wall with the right paint, is almost as good. There is a whole page dedicated to projector screens and how a walls can be made into good projector screens.

A projector set up requires a good surround sound system, but this is also the case even if you have a big TV, because the sound in a flat panel TV is not great. In our page on setting up surround sound system for projector, there is a guide on how to set up a good surround sound system for projector.

Some go to elaborate lengths spending a fortune to make a separate room into a home theatre. This is great for those who can afford it, but your bedroom can be converted into a projector room. This is how I have my Projector set up and it did not cost me all that much extra other than the projector and sound system. I have a 55 inch TV in the living room and the projector set up in the bedroom. We use the projector to watch movies in the comfort of our bed lying down. Projectors are the best way to watch movies at home. It is much more convenient and comfortable watching a movie on a big screen in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Where to buy Home Theater Projectors and Projector Screens online

The best place to buy Projectors and Projector screens is the Amazon online store in your country. Amazon is best to buy online Projectors and Screens because not only are they very competitively priced, but you also have the assurance of service, and in the worst case, even return for a refund in case you are not satisfied.

Links for Home Theater Projectors

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Links for Projector Screens

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